Crack the Hash TryHackMe Room

Crack the Hash Room covers cracking various types of hashes


PreCracking Steps

  • Save all the hashes in separate files, for example: if hash is of level 1 and 1question 1 then save it in file named L1-H1.txt
  • Download rockyou.txt wordlist
  • Analyze Hash using CyberChef/HashCat/hash-identifier
  • Find Mode from HashCat page
  • Crack the hash using HashCat / CrackStation

    hashcat -m [hashcat_mode] [hash_file.txt] [rockyou_wordlist_path]

Level 1

Hash Type cracked
48bb6e862e54f2a795ffc4e541caed4d 0 easy
cbfdac6008f9cab4083784cbd1874f76618d2a97 100 password123
1c8bfe8f801d79745c4631d09fff36c82aa37fc4cce4fc946683d7b336b63032 1400 letmein
$2y$12$Dwt1BZj6pcyc3Dy1FWZ5ieeUznr71EeNkJkUlypTsgbX1H68wsRom 3200 bleh
279412f945939ba78ce0758d3fd83daa 900 Eternity22

Level 2

Hash Salt Type cracked
F09EDCB1FCEFC6DFB23DC3505A882655FF77375ED8AA2D1C13F640FCCC2D0C85 - 1400 paule
1DFECA0C002AE40B8619ECF94819CC1B - 1000 n63umy8lkf4i
$6$aReallyHardSalt$6WKUTqzq.UQQmrm0p/T7MPpMbGNnzXPMAXi4bJMl9be.cfi3/qxIf.hsGpS41BqMhSrHVXgMpdjS6xeKZAs02. aReallyHardSalt 1800 waka99
e5d8870e5bdd26602cab8dbe07a942c8669e56d6 tryhackme 110 481616481616